Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Cornwall in August = Rain

When I think of Cornwall, I think of .... rain, the early morning grey mizzly kind and the lashing down kind.  This year, we had the added 'delight' of wind from the tail-end of Hurricane Bertha. 

It cheered up a bit eventually but the weather certainly kept us indoors more than we would have liked for our summer holiday! 

We still managed to see all those things (other than rain!) which are evocative of the county.

 Lane ways,  buildings at angles and white washed walls.

The beautiful beaches. This one is Porthminster at St Ives. Don't be fooled by that blue sky; it was still bloomin' chilly!

Hedgerows filled with flowers.  The hydrangeas were coming to an end but the crocosmia were everywhere.  It reminds me of home as my Cornish nana brought some up one year and we had it planted all around the bay window.  

One of the excursions we managed was a walk at Cardinham Woods which, of course, had to be rewarded with some delicious cake from Woods Cafe and a play with the equally delicious Bailey the cat.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Mayfield Lavender

Each year I take my little girl to Banstead to run through the lavender field.  This year, instead of following a delighted small child, not much higher than the bushes, with chubby limbs and grabbing hands, I was behind a striding, tall, lean nearly-seven year old.  I confess I felt a bit sad but also very proud of our gorgeous, funny, thoughtful daughter.  Teddy still came with us and had her paws rubbed in the flowers to make her smell (very much!) sweeter.  Will she join us next time though....?


Another striking difference this year was the number of signs, they had popped up everywhere.  

Tractor rides are another new feature (along with refundable parking charges).  The photos I take each year, at least the ones without my daughter in them, tend to look rather the same (!) so at least this year's batch have been slightly invigorated with some higher up shots from the back of the tractor!
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