Wednesday, 27 April 2011

KCWC Spring 2011

I am delighted that Elsie Marley is running the Kids Clothes Week Challenge again. I can't wait to get started!  As well as the challenge of finding an undisturbed hour a day to sew, I've added the extra challenge of using only patterns and material from my (ridiculous) stash.  I've loads of cottons, buttons and interfacing too so hope I won't have to spend anything at all. 

I've taken part in the Spring challenge before (under another name) and found it really motivating.  I managed to complete a skirt and a dress, which both can be worn this year too. The Autumn round defeated me though as I couldn't make the time. This year it's my intention to get to work first thing in the morning, before the household awakes, else the day can easily slip away from me. I am determined!  

I also intend to do the pattern tracing and cutting in advance so that my hour is really spent on construction and completion. 

I'm (ambitiously) planning:  

Project 1 Butterick 3772 View A in a read and white polka dot cotton.  The material was a charity shop find cost just #1.75 for 2 metres.  This should be super-quick to complete, although the button holes will test me.  Having compared the body measurement chart to my little girl's statistics and having placed on the pattern a similar dress which currently fits, I've decided to make a size 6.  I'd rather it was too big than just the right size as it can always keep for another year.  

Project 2 is an Oliver and S ice cream dress in size 5.  The cottons I'm using were both bought on a recent trip to Japan.  The patterned fabric is by Fumika Oishi D's Selection.

Project 3 is the blouse version of the ice cream dress and this time my fabric choice is literal!  It's Confections from Robert Kaufman which I picked up at the Birmingham Festival of Quilts last year.  This feels a bit of a risk as the size of the design could overpower my little girl and it all might be a bit sickly sweet.  However, if you can't wear a themed print when you're three, when can you?!

If time allows, I'd like Project 4 to be the completion of a ruffle skirt which I started a year ago.  The material is very slippery and frustrating to work with but I'd like another try.  

Ambitiously, I have projects 5 and 6 lined up too.  These two prints were purchased from The Eternal Maker about eighteen months ago to be made into Oliver and S Lazy Days skirt.  Will I get that far........................?!?


I've had may annual bluebell fix!  This time we visited Nymans Garden in Sussex. 

It's a very pretty spring garden but it was a shame that the roar of the A23 couldn't be escaped. 

Saturday, 23 April 2011


Off to our local Pick Your Own farm, for our first visit of the season.

The only crop available at the moment is asparagus.  It looks as if nothing is growing in the field but as my little girl and I wandered up the furrows we were both astonished by the sight of the spears poking up through the soil.  It was the first time I'd seen asparagus growing too! 

We ate the tender spears that night, lightly steamed with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese and some butter. 

 The next trip to restock is already being planned!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Royal Wedding Slight Temperature

During a trip to town, I was on the lookout for signs of royal wedding fever.  I had to look very hard.  The few shop window displays I saw dwelt on tea and cake or sarcastic slogans about the extra day off.  However the sight of all the Union Jacks fluttering in the sunshine on Regent Street brought a tear to my eye!


At the moment the nation seems pretty oblivious to the whole event with very little excitement being shown or media coverage of the dress, the guests, the honeymoon.

Perhaps we're not too bothered because it's only Prince William, who isn't even the Prince of Wales, or perhaps it's because we all got involved in the marriage of Charles and Di and look what a farce that was, or perhaps it's just because the royal family is no longer much of a mystery to us?  

No doubt we will warm up to the day as it draws closer, even if it's only because it's the start of a long bank holiday weekend. 

Sunday, 17 April 2011


The John Lewis Partnership can do no wrong in my eyes.  Take this fabulous babycino for example.  Not only is it a sight to behold, it's also free if a (far less pretty) grown-up coffee is purchased.  So I get my caffeine hit and the small person is fully occupied for two minutes (if I'm lucky!).

Friday, 1 April 2011

and H for hat

I now know the location of all the fire hydrant signs in my neighbourhood.  My little girl yells "STOP!" as soon as she sees one then reads off all the numbers plus "and H for hat".

It makes for a slow journey but luckily knowing where they all are also means knowing how to avoid them too.......!
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